Misc. meeting

This week has been the winter sports holiday for the schools in the district. We don't usually have meetings on school holidays. But last week we had a bit of a "leftovers meeting" where we did some activities that we haven't had time for before this year.
After playing a little game we sent the sixes in different directions:
In the kitchen Ida and Rasmus, our helpers, did reef knots and others, Eva were talking about star constallations in the Brownie room and in the big all the Cubs and I practised flag break.
Then we played rag hockey, a fast game where you have to use a broom handle to get a rag into your oponent's goal.
I really got to get better at taking pictures....
On Thursday the meeting was very much the same, except for that the sixes also got to try throwing a lifeline at targets.


Wet, wet, wet

This week's meeting was held at the local pool, Klitterbadet. Both groups were invited, but unfortunatlely the flu is raging at the moment and only 22 children were there. We were very happy about having so many parent helpers for the evening and put them to work at once.

The children were given a laminated list of tasks, numbered 1 to 5 in varying order. The tasks were:
  • Retrieving Treasure: Diving down under water to gather up coins to make up a certain amount.
  • Pearl Fishing: By cooperating and using a hook fastened to several strings the children had to fish a sealed bucket up, which contained glass marbles. The marbles were to be handed to the adult manning the next station on the list.

  • A Secret Message: Letters were put on the bottom of the pool to be fished up and read out to people on the side of the pool, who were to pick out the same letters from a school scattered by the poolside. Then the letters were to be rearranged into a specific word, in this case "droppe", droplet.

  • Remember?: What do you have to do to get a certain swimming badge? The kids had to find the requirements on a noticboard and then remember them and report them back to an adult.

  • Lifewest swimming: The whole six had to put lifewests on correctly and swim 25 meters together and return the lifejackets in an orderly fashion afterwards.
  • After finishing the tasks the children got to play in the pool and the ones who hadn't yet done their swimming badge (50 m in a lifejacket and 100 m without) did that.
After an hour we gathered the children (and parents) with an indian howl and made sure that everyone got ticked off the list and sent them into the changing rooms and we were ALMOST in time for 7.15. Well, at least some of us.

On the way out we recruited a new cub; a girl who had noticed us (wonder why?) by the poolside and shyly came up with her mum to ask if she could come and join. And of course she could!