Pre-jamboree notes

Amazing, I've been on site for three days, and my aim was to blog and publish a few pictures every day, but it's been mad!
When I arrived on Saturday, we spent the day in the army barracks with loads of members from the planning team, trying to get heads and tails on things. When the Site Service HQ was up we moved up here. Not that it was ready, it still isn't, but there are so many other priorities, and still very few hands. Anyway, now the rain and the wind isn't blowing through the gaps between the modules anymore, but we still don't have any water which complicates matters a bit.

This week we are responsible for not cooking but serving three meals and three snacks a-day to our crew of mainly plumbers and land surveyors and their helpers. At the moment there are about 40 people on site. Today the kitchen is going up. Stupidly, I thought that the humungous tent that was being set up on Saturday was the kitchen and that the two dining halls would go up either side. But this morning I found out that that massive tent WAS one of the dining halls, and an even more humungous tent is coming up beside it and THAT's the kitchen!

We are also responsible for setting up routines for checking in all the functionaries and specialists. We've stacked the temporary tuck shop and tomorrow we are going to build and furnish the builder's recreation area. Signs to be printed for smoking areas, assembly points, emergency plans, caravan places and lots and lots more. Yesterday I was working for 16 hours. Tonight is the first time it's fairly quiet. As I'm alone on the Support Team, I have to put the evening snack out too, but then I'm going to bed early.

I'll try to Bambuse  a little bit as well at some points. And one of the guys here have made a great film of how the big kitchen is being put up, that I'm hoping to be able to link to some time in the future, but the connection at the moment is less than brilliant. Hopefully, we'll get a better connection on Monday....