New semester, new life!

We leaders started last Sunday, by planning the new semester together with the rest of the Group. We decided to adopt the international theme of water, and also to go canoeing to finish of the spring semester on the first of June.

As we have two packs of Cubs (yipee) for the first time in many years, we try and sync the activities and also try and do some activities together. It sometimes is a strain to have all 45 kids running around your feet, but they do enjoy and benefit from seeing that there is a lot of them that share the same interest, and also it is important for them to see and enjoy the company of the older scouts, Venture and Rovers. In Sweden Cubs are divided into to seperate age groups: 8-9 and 10-11; miniors and juniors. The first meeting was dedicated to Code Breaking, and after playing HotDog Tag, the warm and sweaty Cubs thoroughly enjoyed decifering the secret messages and doing the tasks.

Then the Cubs reflected about how the group work had been going and as preparation for making the new sixes they got to make wishes about who they liked to work with, one girl and one boy. Then it was time to gather together and sing the Scout song, and then they all scrambled out into the dark winter's evening to the waiting parents, clutching their code sheets and the new program.
Hot Dog Tag: One Cub is it and tries to catch as many others as possible. When caught the Hot Dogs stand still and straight (and quiet) and it is up to the others to be observant and spot the Hot Dogs predicament and together with a friend form a "bun" around the Hot Dog, who is then released after the count of three. The game is over when there isn't anyone left to save the Hot Dogs or when people need a break.
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