Hallandsyxan, District Scout Meeting

After camp, we all felt rather out-scouted and tired, and unfortunately only 6 scouts, minior and junior, had the energy and opportunity to come to Halmstad and compete for the district challenge prize in scouting, an axe securely stuck in a block of wood, or in the Cubs' competition, a lantern.This year's competition was organised by one of the groups in Halmstad, and the trail was layed in the centre of town, mainly along the river. Akela unfortunately got stuck on
For the Cubs (minior and junior) the callenges were among other things to transport as much water as possible into a bucket, using cups, flasks and other vessels stuck to the ground with string, an obsticle course, knotting and various cooperation exercises.

Varberg Scout Group took all the challenge prizes this year (a privilege formely reserved for the Falkenberg group, but what can I say? We have to give someone else a chance sometime ;o))

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