Fundraising ideas

Hmmm, you can tell there is a recession... The Christmas market was very successful, and all the raffle tickets were sold and the climbing wall was very popular, but the takings just about took us up into the black. So now, the thinking caps are on until the 12th of January, when we get together to brainstorm ideas for fundraising.

Socks seem to be the in thing. Lots of companies advertise on the Net with "big winnings for your club or class". But it doesn't seem very Scouty, selling underwear?

In Britain a lot of groups have race nights, with beer and betting, but betting is state controlled in Sweden, and we don't allow alcohol at scout activities... I'm thinking, it's really more of a raffle than betting, as the races are pre-recorded, but have to look into the legalities of it before I go and order a DVD...

To me, it's important that fundraising for the group should be consistant with the ideals of Scouting, and should be easy and fun for the kids to parttake in. Anyone have any bright ideas of fundraisers that have been successful? Please, share!

(After the 12 of January, I will be back with all the (mad) ideas that we've come up with!)


Nick Wood said...

Hi there,
first time I've come across your blog and very interesting it is too!

I'm a Group Scout Leader from the UK.
I'm not sure that many Groups in the UK have race nights, well not to my knowledge, and alcohol is only allowed at events when it is a social fund raising event and the young people's parents are there.

A fund raiser that is very popular in the UK, is going to your local supermarket and getting the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to pack people's bags for them. In return, some give a donation. It's a really good way to get cash and also raise the profile of the Scouts in your area.

I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future.
Your in Scouting

Clarke Green said...

Found your blog via Nick's Ramblings. We have two spaghetti dinners each year, the Scouts sell tickets and act as waiters during the dinner. Parents work in the kitchen and dining room. We have a great time and make enough to keep us going. Nearly all the effort is condensed into one day, it is great fun and very simple. We usually serve about 400 dinners each time.

LoveCat said...

Wow! Great. Thanks, guys!

Sean said...

Yes - it is like a lottery as the betting is closed before the race is run. ie: picking a number between 1 and 8.

Lots of scout groups (and many other sports clubs) do annual race nights. You can also run a race night using our 'snail race night packs'.

They are great fun for both children and adults. They are like a horse race night but use animated snails for the racing.

Visit our website www.funnightsinc.co.uk for further details.