First meeting for 2009

Both Cub packs met today for the first time this year. We were very happy to have three new children joining us, and also one of our Cubs had brought a guest who might come join in too. So the Wolf cubs are now 22, where of 5 girls, and the Brownies are 17, all boys.

(You might be confused by the names: When we were able to form the second pack one year ago, we decided to use the old names Vargungar and Blåvingar, to somehow preserve the name tradition that was abandoned 1963 when scouting became "unisex" in Sweden. Also, our scout hut has a room called Brownie Hall.)

We also welcomed a new assistant leader, Victor, who is going to help us out during the spring.

After due introductions and catching up, we got down to business. Today, we were practising lighting our parafin lanterns and talking about the safety issues to think about when you light flames. For some, just lighting the match was very scary, while others are very comfortable around fire.

After a quick game to warm up (it was not only dark, but it was almost at freezing point too) the children walked with the lanterns to the field behind the hut and where a small campfire was lit. We sang some common camp fire songs, mostly in Swedish, but we also sang the "Pizza Hut-song" and BP Spirit in English.

Next week three of us leaders are off to the Swedish Gilwell House for our second long weekend, so unfortunately the Cubs will have to wait until the 5th of February, when we will go to the Great Outdoors Restaurant.

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