School sports day

Today one of the primary schools had a sports day for the kids to try out various activities, and one was scouting. I was just meant to help out a little, as I was at work, but with volcanic ashes and a turning of the world economy, two out of the three guys that were responsible got new jobs (Congratulations, guys!! And good luck!) and one is stuck in London. So my daughter took half a day off school for "leadership training" and my students were well into their projects (and they're going on 19 so they are very responsible most of the time :o)

We played games, cracked codes, learnt a couple of knots and put together the Trangias to make billberry soup. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves and at the end we handed out "I've tried scouting" certificates and some old badges to take home. My daughter did a brilliant job of it, and suggested doing a larger scale Trail Day for schools. As a teacher I'm not usually for students skipping school for fun, but scouting is more than just fun! Scouting is learning, while having fun!

As one of the kids today put it: "I've even did maths, and I didn't even notice!"

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