Busy busy busy!

Life on the site is rolling on in a most hectic tempo! I still haven't managed to get a run in, and this is only my second blog entry!

The second dining hall has been erected, and today 6 articulated lorries and 3 ordinary ones (European size) are bringing the kitchen equipment. Walking back from breakfast we saw some volunteers rolling off cupboards for hot-keeping on mass at great speed.

We are now approximately 130 people checked into the system, plus that we have 30 teens, employed by the town council who have been placed here for a summer job. Most are out in the field, building the tents, some is working with electric installation, and some in the kitchen. Appart from that there are a couple of British engineers that are working on the water heating system, and some plumbing specialists still, but people are arriving all the time.

Earlier I had a conversation with a very clever person, who was constructing a device for messuring the flow of eaters in the canteen, to be able to make accurate prognosis on the amount of food needed every day, and to work out the staffing needs of the canteen within a few days. The cost of the system will be paid for in less than a day, and hopefully it will save the kitchen thousands and thousands of krona.

More and more volunteers are arriving from ... everywhere. Yesterday, a young man arrived from Pakistan, and just half an hour ago two scouts from a near-by town, who wanted to do a good turn in the kitchen showed up at my door. My son Mike, who is staying with me this week, helped Lizzy from the English contingency to put up her tent next to ours, and swopped a super nice badge for a cub pin and toggle. He was super happy!

Yesterday we got our super smart staff outfit, exclusive for the Site Crew: Snickers pirate trousers and a polo with very handy pockets for may 2 (two) function phones and com-radio. Pictures will be included when I have time.

Gotta run! Lunch is being served in a few moments, and then Mike and I will have the afternoon off to explore Kristianstad.

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