Fire and bread

Could you ask for anything else in life but a hot fire and some freshly baked bread? Well, possibly that the wind wasn't so cutting and that the pale sun would shine just a little bit longer.

We are now 28 Cubs on Wednesdays and about the same on Thursdays! And they keep comming. I so wish we could accept them all, but now we've reached our limmit.

Tonight we had a visitor from the Venture Scouts, who showed the kids how to start a propper camp fire efficiantly and safely. While the fire took the Cubs got to mix some dough in a freezer bag. The dough then got wrapped around sticks and baked over the ambers while we tried to keep warm by singing some songs.

Just before the meeting one of the Cubs' mother came up to me and told me that their guinnea pig had died. Her son and his friend, who is also in Cubs, held a funeral in the garden.
-And would you believe, that when they had buried the beloved guinnea pig, they both stepped back and did the scout salut, she said with a smile.

Enough for 12 breads
Mix 1000g of plain flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp of baking soda
(for a sweet bread add a little bit of sugar or honey) in a thick plastic bag and take to your picnic. When you are ready to bake your bread, pour in
300 ml water
into the bag and mix by kneeding the bag until you have a dough.
Take the dough out of the bag and wrapp or squeeze the dough onto a stick and grill it over the fire. When the bread starts to loosen from the stick it is done. Slide it off and fill it with jam or butter.
The dough can also be wrapped around a hot dog or sausage and then baked.

Of course I forgot to take any pictures, but if Links' turn out ok I'm going to post them later.

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