This week the Cubs were tracking and trapping...
One of the activities this meeting was a nature quiz: The Cubs followed a trail around the park, where they had a chance to look at the almost newborn sweet kids and lambs. One of the local dog clubs also had a course just by the hut, and many of the Cubs were fascinated by the obedient canines. Of course they also answered some tricky questions about the great outdoors: Does the maple leaf change colours? Does the squirrel swim? Most Cubs thought it very easy.

Then the Cubs had to be very attentive and follow a trail of arrows and bush signs to find a letter telling them to bring back a 20 cm twig. 20 cm are VERY relative, even for Swedish kids who have grown up with cms! I guess we need to work on personal meassures...

Also, the Cubs had to read and match pawprints from native Swedish animals as hare, wolverine, linx, fox and wolf, and tick them of on a bingo board.

The most action packed station was the marble run, where the cubs had to get a marble from one side of the lawn to the other and into a tin, by cooperating using pipes and half pipes. This really tries the cooperation in the pack, but also concentration and communication.

It is a great game for all ages, and once you have made the equipment you can use it over and over again. You need plastic pipes with a diameter of about 3.5 cm. Cut the pipes into 50 cm lenghts, and some of the lenghts in half lenghtways, so that you have about the same amount of "tunnels" and "runs". Round the edges of with sand paper, as they can get nasty, and as the pipes get waved about abit.

Older scouts get given a few moments to organize themself and find a method to solve the problem, but Cubs might need som help with this. The marble must travel in the pipes, and not get touched, cohorted or stopped in the runs. If it falls to the ground, you have to start again.

All in all, the kids very very active and are revving up for the group camp in two weeks. Then we'll have a visitor from the 22nd Oxford Sea Scouts!

On Wednesday it's St George's and we're planning a great Bookcrossing wild release, as noone has done that in Falkenberg before! Very welcome to Rörbecksplatsen at 5.30 on Wednesday to pick some wild books!

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Akela Joy said...

Great idea with the 'running marble' will have to try it on Friday! Our weather is turning cold down south and we have a water programme! Our temps are no where near as cold as yours though! Happy Hunting....