End of term!

Next week sees the end of school term and many of our scouts have so many activities going on, so we usually finish of the scout term slightly earlier. It's a bit of a pitty, not having organised meetings during the summer, but on the other hand both kids and leaders need a bit of time off sometimes.
This year we were very lucky with the weather. It's been very warm and sunny for the last month, and the water in the lakes and even in the sea is already warm enough to go swimming in. The cubs has been looking forward to this cannoe excursion the whole year, and all the mums and dads and siblings were invited to.
There were a few quiz questions put up along the shore line and in the reeds, summarizing what we've learnt during this, for many of the Cubs their first, year of scouting. In the autumn 15 Cubs will join the older Junior Scouts, and we will have room for some new.
Since there hasn't been any rain for a month, it is unusually dry, and the rescue departement has issued a fire ban, but we were alowed to use a coal bbq. People had brought plenty of the now so popular single-use barbies, but we only used one communal in the end, to minimize the risks.
We're going to miss our Cubs over the summer, but are looking forward to seeing them again when school starts in August.
This blog will sparingly report from other scouting events through the summer.
Scout on!

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