Scouts help out!

Picture from National Day celebrations somewhere completely different.
When in need, ask a scout! The Swedish National Day is a very new holiday. It is celebrated in rememberance of King Gustav Wasa getting elected King in 1523. It was commonly called the Day of the Flag, until 2005, when it was made a National Holiday. It is all a bit more festive these days, when people are off work. In Falkenberg there is a gathering at the outdoor theatre, just by our scout hut, where new citizens get celebrated, the brass band is playing, choirs singing, people in national dress mingle and have a picnic. The group was asked by the council to help setting out all the seats (and put them away again). It was hard and sweaty work, and as the Scouts were off cannoeing together with the Junior Scouts on a quest for a deserted island, and quite a few of the Venture and Rover scouts were celebrating their own, or close friends and relatives' 6th form college exams (a very big tradition i Sweden) some of the leaders pitched in instead.
Let's put it this way:We won't need to pay to go to the gym this week. But we had time to relax in the sun too, to administer the last bit of paperwork for this term, and start making plans for the next.

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