Space Camp 2008

Today the Akelas went to visit the Falkenberg pack at camp in the nieghbouring district. At Apelhult, the district campsite of Södra Älvsborg, numerous spacecraft had landed, inhabitants from all the planets in the solar system had gathered, but unfortunately the place also seemed infested with evil little black and yellow aliens that made life difficult in some cases.

The wasps was the only disadvantage of the day. The weather was lovely, the campsite was gorgeous, the kids were ... as kids on camp should, and the activities were fun. Today was the "middle day" for the older scouts, who came on Saturday, and the Cubs', who arrived yesterday, first real day on camp. The groups had been given the asignment to build a spacecraft and to dress up, using camp equipment and some things brought from home. The amount of alu foil used!

The Falkenberg group, who competed with their Marsian mates Sandared Scout Group, came in third place. The brave pilot of the craft is unfortunately not visable in the picture, but he was a sight to be seen in a binbag tunic, gasmask and alufoil helmet!

Other activities during the week has been various science experiments, like building water power stations and wind mills, cannoe trips, swimming and making a camp wall paper, where each group has been given the task of completing a "news item", an interview or "tip of the day", complete with pictures, that have been posted on a wall by the tuck shop for everyone to read.

The Adventure Scouts have been given a course in democracy and the organization of the movement for them to feel equipped to make their voice heard within the organisation.

The Akelas were very sad that they couldn't come for the duration of the camp, but felt that they'd come back again, soon, and were very inspired for the new scouting term.

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