Yohoooo! Off we go!

First meeting for the season, and I forgot to take any piccies! We were 16 cubs and three leaders. So we have room for some new chums!

We played some steam release games, but it still felt like the boys, because there were only boys there this time, would have needed even more steamed released. Then we made eskimo games from toilet rolls and paper balls. The kids had great fun with them.

Materials: 1 empty toilet roll, one paper ball, 2-3 cm diameter, 1 m household string, paint.
Make a hole through the paper ball with a joist. Let the cubs paint the toilet roll and let it dry. Help them make a hole in the top end of the roll with the joist and ask them to tie the string to the edge with the knot of their choice. Then to thread the other end of the string through the paperball. Now the Eskimo toy is ready. The object is to get the ball into the roll as many times in a row as possible.

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