Autumn rain and Trangias

The weather was very unreliable this week! One minute the sun was out, the next it rained so hard that the roads got flooded. At least it wasn't very cold.

Since it was the first rainy meeting for the term, not all the cubs came prepared. To be honest, not all the leaders either. Most people had rain coats, but no trousers. Luckily, there were still lots and lots of clothes left behind that came to good use one more time, before they get passed on to charity.

The cubs learnt a little bit about pioneering and knots as they built their dens. When the tarps were up they assembled the trangias and made rosehip soup. Just when the soup was finished and most of the rusks had been eaten the parents came to get the cubs home. It had gotten very dark, and by the time the leaders had got all the equipment into the storage room some stars had come out too.

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