Break away

Going away with 22 8 and 9-year-olds can be a slightly daunting project, but experience tells me that it's most often a lot less hassle than you think. Of course it is important to do risk assessment, and to have activities planned, but it's also very important, and a nucleus in the scouting spirit, to encourage and make room for own initiativ and freedom. For a 9-year-old that may be having an hour to go explore with a friend, play a game, chose a jigsaw or make something crafty of your own mind and design.

Last night the leader team got together in the hut to finish of the packing. This time most of us have the opportunaty to go the night before, and we are going to have ourselves a nice evening, relaxing and gossiping, leaving husbands and our own kids behind, just being us. Of course there is going to be a lot of talk about scouting and Cub activities; lots of ideas will be born.

On Saturday, the kids will arrive at 11.00 am. Then a short hike to the cottage, activities, making lunch, activities, free time and then in the evening we're going to celebrate Earth Hour around the camp fire. It might not have so big an impact, as we'll be several km from the next neighbour but we will turn off all of our electric lights anyway and talk about it.

In a few minutes I'm off the craft shop to by some plasticine modelling clay, then I'm going to prepare our meal for tonight. The girls are in for an Indian. I hope they will like it.

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