Rubbish is a resource, and we are reasonably good at recycling in Sweden, but we could get much better at reducing and reusing. This week's meeting was about rubish and recycling.The cubs started outside, walking a short quiz walk about rubbish. While Victor corrected the coupons, I showed the children some items from Tanzania and Ethiopia, and talked about how spoilt we are in Sweden, taking for granted that we can go to school, have clean water, more than enough to eat, and more things than we really need. I read a story about an 11-year-old boy in Ethiopia, who dreams of becoming a doctor, but who finds it difficult to make it to school in time because has to get water for the family every morning. I introduced the pins that we are going to sell for UNICEF, that will hopefully provide Ethiopian kids with drinking water and loos at school, and the children were very interested.

Akela Eva
Eva asked the cubs to tell her which categories of rubbish the households are responsible for recycling. The kids were very knowledgable and she could write signs out for plastic, PET and drinks cans, compost, metal, cardboard, newspapers, tinted glass, clear glass and batteries. Then the sixes were given a bin bag each, with various kinds of refuse, and in no time at all they had sorted the refuse in all the right categories!

Victor presented the correct answer to the quiz. Almost everyone knew all the answers, but everyone was shocked to learn that a "misplaced" PET-bottle takes 450 years to decompose! Most had guessed 10...

Then a quick game of rag hockey before the scout song and then home. (I realised that I hadn't got any pictures from the game! How silly...)

Akela Marie

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