Burundi tragedy

Swedish newspapers reported yesterday about a governmental offical in the Kayogoro district of Burundu having been arrested for his involvement in the shooting of 3 young boys, one of which later died in hospital, who were at camp, preparing to give their scout oath.

The boys had been forced to lay down on the ground before the police opened fire on them. The police at first claimed that the scouts had opened fire on the police, and that they had shot the boys in self defense. This was later taken back, and five police men have been arresten and admitted having been involved in the incident. One is still in hiding.

BBC seem to mention the incident at http://www.bbc.co.uk/greatlakes/news/story/2009/05/090525_bdiscoutpoliceapology.shtml but I can't find any English source of confirmation. Can the international friends of scouting do anything to support the group?


Nick Wood said...

I've found 1 story in English so far hereNot much more than you've put already.

Nasty business.

Nick Wood said...

Nothing really to update, but another site with the story here