Wild Kids

For a couple of years Swedish public service tv has been airing this children's show, were kids of the same age as our older Cubs are sent out into the forrest, divided into two teams and fight eachother in various competitions. It is very popular, and the host is also the editor of the leading children's magazine, the century old Kamratposten (Roughly: Friend's messageboard). But instead of people being voted out of the competition, as is the normal way of doing it in various reality TV shows, the teams gain new members for every won competition.

One of the "trofees" this year is a scout, and a brilliant spokesperson for the organisation. As it happened the guide that took the winning team on a safari adventuri in Africa is also a scout! Now scouts in Sweden are using Wild Kids as a mean to recruit new kids.

The Temperence scouts' symbol

The Temperence Scouts in Varberg, the next town north, contacted our vice Group Master a few days ago, and told him that they had arranged a Wild Kids Camp in our town, but as they haven't got a group in Falkenberg, could they refer the children to us, if they wanted to join scout on a more regular basis. And of course they can! So to properly introduce ourselves, and to check out what they were doing, Markus and I went along to find 30 Wild Kids trying to find the long forgotten treasure of the two rival families Lionhead and Bearclaw.
The Bears and the Lions, trying to find the hidden treasure

We were also pleased to see, that some of the children there were old friends: Some who gave up scouting because of lack of time or because their friends dropped out. Hopefully it means that they might come back to the group.
Parents, tied up and padlocked, waiting for their children to solve one last piece of the adventure.

The activities were great! I just hope that we can continue to inspire the kids through the term. The new national program will help, when it gets released in the autumn. And some more leader activities to inspire them!

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