We got it!

Every other year members of the Swedish Guide and Scout Asociation gathers for "parliament", where the new committee gets elected and various issues are debated. All members are invited, and as a youth moment, comitted to make sure that our members learn and upholds democratic priciples, we encourage everyone to go and take part in the democratic process.
Every other year all members are then invited to meet with the committee and ask questions about where the Asociation stand on the questions that were decided in "parliament". This is a less formal affair and there are also other activities.
Falkenberg Scout Group wrote, as we celebrate our centinary 2010, and asked to host the meeting then. It was a shot in the dark, but a good opportunity to show off scouting to the rest of our town, just at the end of the tourist season when the weather is great, and the sea is still warm. AND WE GOT IT!
So now the hard work starts: 300-500 people are going to be fed, housed and entertained for a weekend at the end of August 2010. It'll be so much fun! (And so much work) No doubt that the discussions about Simply Scouting will be plenty and interesting, and that we will set a big footprint on the minds of people in Falkenberg, which population by then will be back to its normal 14000, after having doubled for the summer season. Any good advice anybody?

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Nick Wood said...

Many congratulations!

The only advice I could think of is to start planning things now and to try and source some funding from various places. I don't know how things work in Sweden, but we can apply for grants from local charitable funds and the local councils.

Hope it all goes well!