At camp again - Agema Kragenäs Sweden

It's difficult to see, but the top sign accually says "No camping"

On 1st of August 1400 scouts from the western part of Sweden got together on the meadows of North Bohuslän, close to the Norwiegan border. Arrival day was good. The scouts from Falkenberg had travelled by bus for 3,5 hours. We found our camp site, a seemingly well drained peace of the field, just by the fresh water taps, but miles from the toilets. Work commenced imediately: The kitchen got going, cooking supper, the tents went up (three tipis, three gilwell, 1 troup tent, 3 tunnels) and the kids worked really hard. We tumbled into bed at about nine in the evening, completely shattered all of us.

On Sunday building was continued. We got the seats, and the roof for that, two kitchens for the kids to cook on, washing and washing up area and other, a bit more ornamental constructions. The weather was fair, although rain had been promised between 8 and 9pm, just when the opening was planned, so we all prepared by putting our rain gear on.

The stage had a beautiful setting, with the sea and the rocky little archepelago islands behind it. The organizers welcomed us to a camp for both body and soul, and urged us to us to think, and think of others during camp, and when we get home. The rain didn't start until 10pm. But then it kept raining...

Today, activities started. Our scouts had media training: One group went to work for the camp wall paper, and the other learnt about press, and what is news and how to see the story behind the news piece. The Challengers scouts were challenged by writing forum plays and act them out in large groups. The leaders felt a bit obsolete for a change, and had time to relax. With no younger Cubs on site, Marie and I had time to enjoy.

Unfortunately, the weather has had a turn for the worst and it's now continuously raining. The weather report says rain tomorrow as well, but on Wednesday it'll be 26 degrees centigrade and sunny! But the sailing boats are in the sea anyway, and there is plenty to do. We try our best to stay as dry as possible, cover in the tuch shop or in the café, or brave the rain, doing archery, playing games or just walking. It's too wet to build. The staff are doing their best to keep us entertained and happy in the mud. I've been promised to use the computer if I promise to blog for the camp blog too. I hope to be able to make the same arrangement tomorrow. And I hope it has then stopped raining.

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