Finally I got my act together and wrote the synopsis for the Challenger Scout Book. It only took about an hour. Perhaps that is the problem - as I know that when I finally get cracking, the writing comes easily, and therefor I postpone everything endlessly...

On Wednesday I've taken leave of absence from work to go to Stockholm for a layout meeting. Until then I will have completed a few more texts, and also comissioned a few pictures. It will be a hectic couple of days - meetings with the layout team, and also with the people responsible for the new program. I hope also to get more information about the new badges.

On the homefront, there seems to be a bit of a problem... The Challenger Scouts are all very busy doing a lot of things, but unfortunately outside of scouting. As we haven't been able to get the whole group together one single time since term started at the end of August, we've now reached a critical point, where we have no set program, because people haven't been able to commit and contribute (lots of good ideas though!) and since we have no program, people don't prioritise comming to the meetings.... Vicious circle... But next Sunday, diaries in hand, and BIG calender sheets on the table, we will schedual a hike on the North Sea Trail, midnight cannoeing, gourmet cooking class on Trangias, Leader training etc etc.

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