Update due!

I just realised how long it was since I updated! I'm sorry, life has gotten in the way.

Bag of presents were found and got sent in the post, presents are delivered and very much appriciated.

The vandalism of our scout hut continues. Very tiering indeed. Up to now, the new window panes have costed apr. 800 Euros, 720 pounds. It has escalated, and there has now been two break-ins in three weeks. Luckily they haven't broken much, and only stolen little things. I just fear that they one of these days will set the place on fire! Metal curtains are on the cards; let's hope they will be in place ASAP.

On Wednesday the 23rd scouts all over Sweden celebrated 100% Scout. We wore our uniforms or other profile clothing to school and work.

My youngest son was so sweet! He is usually very tired in the morning, but he'd been looking forward to this day for several weeks, and bounced down the stairs for breakfast, already in his uniform:
-Mum, I've been thinking... Today is 100% scout... But I was thinking, I'm accually 100% scout everyday!
I couldn't help but laughing, and gave him a big hug:
-You know what? I've been thinking too, and I don't think that there is anyone I know that are more 100% scout than you!

The local paper looked me up in my workplace and took photos, and wrote a short, but very good piece on the occasion and about scouting. (unfortunately it wasn't put on the web) I've had lots of positive reaktions. And one negative: I had an e-mail sent to me, saying that I should be ashamed of being proud of fronting an "anglosaxon equivalent of Hitlerjugend". I wrote a very polite answer back.


Nick Wood said...

I'm sorry to hear that your Scout Hut is being vandalised. That must be soul destroying to know that all the hard work being done for your local young people is being jeopardised because of some local f******s (sorry, this kind of thing REALLY annoys me!). It also means that money has to be diverted from activities and events to paying for the damage to be repaired - not good.

It's really impressive to read about your 100% Scout day. It's a great way to promote Scouting to the community. Did many other people wear their uniforms?
It's also great to read that the local media put the story across in a positive manner.
Although I think your correspondent is barking mad! Last time I checked we didn't invade other countries and oppress other races. I'm also sure the Scouts of Africa and Asia, for example, might have something to say about being Anglo Saxon!!
I'm glad you wrote a polite reply. Did the person respond?

LoveCat said...

Yes, I thought it was a very nice idea! I know that a good few of our Scouts and leaders wore uniform or other scout clothes, but I haven't yet heard about how it all went in other places. I forgot to ask when I was in Varberg at their AGM on Thurs.

No, I haven't heard anything more from my "friend". I was quite impressed with myself for maintaining a very civil and polite tone, not falling into the debating trap - absolutely no point in debating with wierdos. I merely pointed out that I found it very sad that he chose to compare a movement which methods of inclusion are exported to other international organisations, and which promotes young people's will and ability to participate in the democratic process, to a highly undemocratic and fascist organisation. I've got a feeling though, that the last word hasn't been said yet...