Back home, with a bag full of snippets...

...snippets of ideas, of texts, of adresses...

Fredrik offered to help out with the "daytime stuff" - contacting people, comissioning, admin.. Which is so obvious that I need! So first of all, this weekend, I'm going to sit down and list everything I need help doing!

The meeting last night was really inspirational, and some of the ideas grew over night. Then more inspiration this morning, when I met with the people responsable for development and recruitment strategy, where we talked about how teenagers can recruit other young people and adults, by organizing camps, and events, doing projects, involving people outside the movement.

I got lent a new self-help book by a wellknown author, who has been a great inspiration to many adults over the last couple of years. This new book targets our age group. I read it quickly on the train back, and it is absolutely fab! I wish I had had a book like that when I was 16! And best of all: The author has let know that she might be willing to let us use bits of it.

I need to order comic strips, find scouty pictures with a rock'n'roll feeling, comission texts from charities, and find a few samples of inspirational literary writing to send to WSJ communication, to kind of show them that I might be a resource for them after this.

Oh, dear... I so wish I could spend more time on this... But tomorrow it's back to t'old mill.

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