Challengers on the go

The Challenger group - 2 are on a two day hike this weekend. Their other leader, Christian, took them on his own, as I'm practising the art of balancing my diary and saying no, but I couldn't resist driving them the 90 km (60 miles) to the drop-off point just on this side of the Scanian boarder.

The Halland Trail is part of the national walking trail system, and part of it is also The North Sea trail. The trail offers reasonably comfortable walking, mainly on paths in the woods, but sometimes along roads.

The Challengers aren't walking very far this time: Saturday they are recconing on doing about 17 km (10 miles), stopping off for sightseeing along the way. The weather wasn't brilliant, but I'm sure that they will enjoy themselves.

At two I had this MMS. The group had stopped for lunch: Ravioli on Trangias. I hope that Ida's dog Svipp will have some too. With his little legs he's walked much farther than anyone else!

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