I helped make this!

In the post today was a copy of the first edition of the new Scout leader reference book with the new program! 270 pages of facts and hints about how to be the best scout leader, and a super person, with lovely, contemporary pictures, lovely layout and a lovely new smell of ink and paper.

I helped make this!

My name is not on the cover, and I'm not even mentioned in the credits, but I helped make this by reading through most of the texts, "diversity checking", that is making sure that the texts are inclusive of minorities and the examples are equaliy distributed between men and women, that there are a variety of skin colour, cultural referenses and so on.

This summer I helped "market" it, by answering questions and taking in opinions of the "dud" at Scout Forum, meeting scouts and leaders from all over Sweden, from all different scout organisations in Sweden. I even talked about it with Americans and Japanese scout leaders.

Today it arrived in the post, and I'm so proud!
In a months time the Challengers' book need to be finished. This weekend will be spent ardously at the keyboard. Then my name will be in the credits. And I will be so proud.


Nick Wood said...

Congratulation! How great is that?
I suspect when the Challenger's book comes out with your name on it you'll be over the moon!

Don't suppose there'll an English version for us linguistically challenged types?!?!?!?!

Akela Joy said...

Well done on all your hard work. Yes, an English version would be great! ... would love a copy!

Nick Wood said...

Hehe so no pressure then!! Although I think we may be expecting a lot!