I so wish I could show you what the sky was like tonight! But it was too dark for pictures when we got to the golf course with our tobogans. The clouds raced like pink candy floss over a velvety background, and it looked like one of those close-ups from a gangster film, you know when the gangsters are going to by guns or drugs and they nonchalantly roll out this black velvet cloth with lots of sparkling stones on it. It was awesome!

We ran up the slope and raced down it, time and time again, until we were out of breath, swetty and rosy cheeked. We were laughing, and screeming and having fun. We were alone on the slope, noone else but scouts would be crazy enough to go toboganning in the dark. One of the girls had suggested it, but noone really had any tobogans. "We've all grown out of tobogans in our house" said one of the boys, who will be 18 this spring. Lucky that the leaders had some!

When we were leaving to go back to the hut, and the hot chocolate, we had a text. The Rovers were snowracing in the next slope! So we got in our cars and drove for a kilometer and visited, had a test run of that one too, before we turned back to the hut.

What a wonderful outdoor experience!

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