Book meeting

I went to Borås to meet Fredrik, who is in charge of the project group around the new program and also in charge of overseeing the books for the scouts, and Sara, who is also writing the material. We had a productive meeting over a pizza, and decided a new time plan and divided the last texts up between us.

This weekend I'm to put my board game on paper to send to the graphic designer, and I need to write an article on mentorship in scouts. It's a fairly new thing at this level, which makes it a little bit difficult, but I'm fairly confident that I can present the idea in an understandable way.

Next week I have another article on leadership within the the Challenger group to finish and lots of texts to scrutinize, pictures to decide and whatnot.

6th of March all the texts need to be done. I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.