An interesting observation

Still got a couple of texts left to write, and as usual I'm very greatful for every interuption. There is very little time for "proper" scouting at the moment, so I was glad of the oportunaty to give two of my Challengers a lift to the cottage in the woods.
They had originally planned a sleep-over in the Hut in town to get started constructing their bath tub raft for the legendary Bath Tub Race in Säve in April, but had forgotten to book, so they rearranged the weekend: Instead of driving up to collect the tubs, they took the rest of the gear up into the woods instead. We had a lovely chat in the car about leadership: comparing their group in scouts with the theatre group they are both part of, discussing the need for a leader in a group, inofficial group leaders, haow to deal with them and how to win and keep the trust of group members. I think we all learnt a great deal.
The woods were white and silent. The first part of the road had been cleared, but soon we were wading through knee high snow. The two accompaning dogs loved it, but I felt slightly silly, as I had shoes on rather than boots. When their friends arrived I left them there to go back home to write, but I rather wished I could have stayed there.
On my way down to the car (appr. 10k) I made an interesting observation: It took less energy, and went a lot quicker to jog through the deep snow that to walk! At least I now have had a little bit of exercise.

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