Scouting is my life

At least according to my husband, who is a very patient man.
Scouting can easily take over your life, if you'd let it. Of course, most of us are scouts around the clock in spirit, but most of us do have "day jobs" too, and spend a varying amount of our spare time with scouting activities. A few have the privilege to have scouting as a career.
The last couple of years I have had to limit my involvment somewhat, both for my own sake, and most of all, for my family. I would have wanted to go to all of the congresses, meetings and would have loved to take on a number of various things that have passed in the ether, but I have had to realise that with a 45 hour/week job, three children, a dog and a husband you just have to accept that the day only have 25 hours.
Things seem to land on all the inconvenient dates this year: A course I wanted to attend collides with my own birthday (which other people seem to find important), our centinary camp finishes on my youngest son's birthday, and now I've been invited to a summing-up celebration of the new scout material the weekend my oldest turns 18.
My husband always say, that there will be plenty of time for involvement when the kids have flown the nest, and I earn better money for less work, and I know he's right. Thing is, I believe scouting is an organisation for the young, that I'm already on the old side. Don't get me wrong now people, I know there are some readers that are even older than me: Older people definately have a place, and the experience and knowledge kept in the organisation is vital for it's existens, but, by right, all the "fun" should be the privilege of the young.
Perhaps I could bring my son to the book celebrations?

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Nick Wood said...

I know what you mean!
Scouts Tuesday night, District Executive last night and Group leader's meeting just finished tonight! Phew. It's not too bad form me in my role as Group Scout Leader as I don't have to attend all the section meetings, but everything else still takes up valuable time. Paperwork is an unfortunate part of my role. However, if I get it all right then it means I and all the rest of the Group get to do the fun stuff as well! So tonight's meeting was planning the family camp we are doing in May. If all goes to plan it will be great!

Of course my life has become a little more complicate recently with our daughter coming along, but I still get to do my Scouting, albeit in a reduced way! Anyway, she'll be a Beaver in just less than 6 years time so that will be fun!