Get those gifts ready!

Christmas is only just about a month away, and it's time to start thinking about those gifts! The cubs got crafty to make those special Christmas presents for near and dear. Everyone managed to make a tea light holder out of a drinking glass and tissue paper, using decoupage, little santas out of Cernit, or Fimo, a polymer clay that could be baked in an ordinary oven. (Unfortunately containing PVC and phthalate). Most also made some spare woggles for themselves. Suddenly, there was a call from someone by the window! There was someone outside! He had red clothes, a long white beard and a lamp. He also seemed to be carrying something else. The children rushed over to have a look. The mysterious person skulking in the dark outside got startled by the knocking on the windows, but when the smiling children in the window waved to him, he waved back, left his sack, lifted his light and waved again and was gone in the dark wood by the hut. The cubs were delighted to find that the bag was filled with goodies: Gingerbread snaps, satsumas and santa marshmallows all went down a treat before it was time to go home.
Next week there will be more for the sweet tooth! Then we're making goodies for the market.

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