Leaders on course

This last weekend some of the leaders in the district got together at Timmershult, the Woodcrafters' cottage outside Laholm. On the Friday evening there was a buffet with contributions from all the participants: Yummy pies, chicken wings, snacks and sallads were some of the dishes, and afterwards everyone got chatting and tried some new craft ideas.
Susanne got taught Viking jewellery by Sterner, our District Commissioner, who is very skilled with pairs of pliers and rings. Sterner in turn made good use of the old district badges and experimented, making stylish woggles.
Thomas, Training Officer for Falkenberg, made charity shop cuttlery into fashionable accessories for the next camp. We also successfully used polymer clay for woggle designs.On Saturday and Sunday a Basic Scout Leader Training course was held, going through the basic elements of the organisation and giving the participants tools to meet and inspire the scouts by going through basic educational theory, methods for evaluation and reflection, outdoor safety and skills and code of conduct for scout leaders.
Although the weather and the dark prevented us from being outside, we came away fulfilled and relaxed and at least a couple of kilos heavier than when we came from all the lovely food and smelling homely from the log fire.
Recipe for Thomas' Surprise
Peel and cut bananas into three or four pieces, wide as streaky bacon slices.
Roll the said banana bits into a slice of streaky bacon and place in an oven proof dish
Dust spicy curry powder over the rolls and pour a some single cream on top.
Bake until golden brown in a moderately heated oven. Eat warm.

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