Scout surprise

As the committee felt that they needed some help with ideas about how to sort the numbers in the red, and also, on a happier note, at the same time inform everybody about the regional camps in the summer, all parents were called to a meeting. To hopefully make all parents come, all Cubs and Scouts also had a meeting. The Scouts had organised the whole thing, and were manning the control points, and Cubs, cub leaders, helpers and visiting Rover scouts had no idea what was on the cards.
As the parents were "enjoying" themselves in the warmth inside the hut, we certainly enjoyed another lovely, crisp, starry winter's evening outside. Still no snow, but -1. We are over all very lucky with the weather!
A short quiz walk was laid out around the hut, testing our knowledge of scouting, spelling and woodcrafting among other things. The path was lit with parafin lanterns, and it was just about adventurous enough for everyone; far enough from the hut to be completely in the dark, except for the light of the lanterns, but close enough for the littlest ones to see the cosy lights from the hut where mum or dad is.
The younger and older Cubs, who usually meet on seperate days, were mixed in new sixes for the evening to get to know eachother. They will meet again at the group camp in May, and then the nine-year-olds get invited on a cannoeing hike at the beginning of summer with the older ones to make the crossover in the autumn smoother. It was fun to see how the more experienced members of the group very naturally took command, and even the rowdiest of the boys quieted down and listened to their just slightly older peers.

The quiz walk finnished with a short "blind" (i.e. very dark) obstical course, and then everyone ended up around the fire where we practised campfire songs until the parents were let out of the hall to join us. (Unfortunately, the dark evenings don't really improve the camera phone's picture quality, but I'm sure you have plenty of memories to draw on for illustration)

Btw, does anyone know any more verses of the PizzaHut song? We just found out about the Ford Escort verse, but love to hear more!

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Akela Joy said...

Hi there
How about
A burger king, a little chef, a wimpy
A dinosaur, tyrannosaurus rex, pterodactyl
A TV screen, a tiny little arial, teletubby
A fat girl guide, a tiny little brownie, a ranger
A snot nosed cub, a know it all scout, a venture
A Hurricane, a tiny little wind, a twister
Hope you have great fun with your campfire songs!
Take care