It's the last day of the mid-term holiday today. The sun is shining and melting all the snow that fell last night. About 20 Cubs and Scouts came to the pool for a play, and to give a little to the Scout funds. We read the Thinking Day message and before the kids and some of the leaders hit the water we talked a little about how lucky we are to not have to worry about malaria when we go on hikes, and that we have clean and cheap health care.

Kerstin, a scout leader

After playing about for 90 minutes, I read a letter from a little girl in Ethiopia, who told about the lack of drinking water and school toilets. The letter is part of the UNICEF campaigne for helping children i Ethiopia, and this week the Cubs and Scouts are going to start selling the UNICEF drop of water-pin, to collect for this charity.

All in all, we had a lovely time!

Afterwards some of us leaders met up to plan for this summer's big camp: Agema, that will be held the first week in August. We hope to take at least 30 scouts. It will be held at Kragenäs, 250 km up the coast, and the program promises lots of good fun!

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Nick Wood said...

I often think which of the utilities we could live without. Living without gas or electricity is inconvenient, but not impossible. Living without a supply of clean water isn't.
Makes you realise how lucky we all are.