Gourmet Restaurant in the Dark

Learning how to use a Trangia is brilliant fun and very useful. Cooking is also a great life skill, and a very good team building excersise. We try to do cooking at least once a term, not including the group camp in May, where all the scouts do their own cooking for at least two days, the Cubs on Trangias, and the Scouts over open fire.

Cooking in the dark poses some difficulties: If your carrots escape, it is very difficult to find them before someone steps on them. It can also be very difficult reading the recipe. But it is very cosy cooking by the light of parafin lanterns, especially when the result is so scrumpious!

The Cubs were proud and happy with the result of their efforts, and there were hardly any leftovers. Even the cooked vegetables got finished! And this time we let them off by not having to do any washing up, which was a smart move, as we then didn't have to rush anything, but had time for both a game and a song.

Many of the Cubs took the recipe home with them to cook for their family.The recipe for the culinary success you find here.

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