Back home

Found my computer cord, but lost the bag of presents I had bought for the kids :-( My youngest patted my arm and said: "It could happen to anyone, mum, don't worry..." I'm still very angry with myself though. And the strongest stuff served was coffee...

All in all, it was a productive weekend. We mightn't have got as much work done on the material, but we "sold" the program well. I also learned more about the Training Leader accreditation scheme, and later Leader accreditation scheme, and about the thoughts concerning the new Leadership Academy. Also, it was inspiring to learn more about the WSJ Camp in Camp. Oh boy, aren't you in for a treat!

The WSJ committee STILL haven't put the PR film on Youtube! Scandalous, as it is really nice. I had words with one of the representatives, that promised to put my thoughts forward. Before the London WSJ there was loads of material on Youtube, and lots of the camp TV-films are still there to see. But NOTHING about Simply Scouting! Lots of children need a substantial length of time to be able to save up for the jamboree, it's no good waiting to tease their appetites until it's too late!

This week the scouting term starts. Mike has ironed his uniform, and looked all over his very messy room to find his knife handling badge for me to sew on. But he can't find it anywhere. Just as well, as his uniform seems pretty tight and the sleeves seem to have gotten shorter since camp a few weeks ago. Cassie starts tomorrow evening, but Victor and the Challengers have already met three times.

The Challengers have chosen to have every third meeting together with the Challengers from another group in the next town. Last night they were there, looking at their premises, and in three weeks they will come to us. My thoughts as their leader is to inspire them to take the Basic Leader training course together during the autumn, as almost all of ours are assisting at Tracker and Explorer scouts. But we'll see. There are sooo many things that I hope that they would like to take part in!

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