In times of need

Today I feel rather helpless and hapless... Just got word that the group in Varberg lost their house in a fire last night - 50 years of history up in smoke.

Of course we will all pitch in to help as much as we can, but the greatest challenge is to help people not to lose heart in all this, and to see the possibilities. The group has been struggling for a while, with finding leaders and finding funds - hopefully this won't break their backs, but make them stronger!

We feel for you!

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Nick Wood said...

How awful for the Group. I hope they had insurance and that they pay up rapidly.
It's always sad when an organisation's buildings / equipment gets broken / destroyed whether accidental or deliberate.
We use to have a minibus which got badly vandalised, to the point of it having to be scrapped. The support we got from the loacl people was great. We had offers of tempory transport and money for a new one (we decided not to get another though).
Kindness on that scale does restore your confidence!