Yes we did it!

As you may remember, part of our centinnary celebration was to host the national Scout Forum. And we did. 478 people were checked in, they all had coffee in the cafeteria tent on average 4 times a day, they discussed, they ate, they learnt, they danced and they had fun.

We had fun too, but we were awfully tired afterwards. Thanks to all and everyone in our neighbouring groups that helped out, all the parents and scouts that came in to do a shift in the café, kitchen or as night watchpeople, perhaps specially our "mayor" (we haven't got mayors, but chairpeople of the council) Mari-Louise Wernersson, who took the time to not only do the early morning guard shift, but also stayed to mingle and oversee the opening ceremony.

Many thanks also to
Christer Borg Entertainment for all the help setting up the equipment and friendly advice
Jan Wolfhagen for immitating His Royal Highness so well
Magnus Bengtsson for the wonderful fire show
The County govenor Lars-Eric Lövdén for comming
Soda Pop for making us dance all night, and Gustav for making sure the sound was brilliant with short notice
Falkenberg Town Council, for making all this possible!

And many many more!!!

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