Time to having your say!

The autumn is AGM time, for groups, district and on a national level. Also, there is a general election in a couple of weeks. It is important to make sure that the scouts are involved in the decision-making, and this year we put a little extra effort into it, as the new program stresses the empowerment of the scouts from a young age.

At the older Cubs first meeting for the year, we had a quick run through of the organisation of the movement - from WAGGGS and WOSM to group level, recognising the different symbols which reminded the Cubs about what the various badges on there uniform represent and that they are a part of something big! Then the brainstorming began - of new ideas for program, and various projects and ideas for how to do up the hut.

Then the Cubs wrote a "formal" motion to the group committee on a large sheet of paper, and some added illustrations to make their point. Some of the parents were very impressed. Now we've handed the motions to the chairman to be referred to the AGM. I do hope that the meeting decides on doing a sleighing hike for the whole group, because as one Cub put it: "Leaders and Challengers are sometimes very childish too."
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