National conferrens of the Swedish Scout Association

At the last minute I decided not to go after all and save my energy for the Christmas market weekend next weekend. My son and his friends from the Challengers went along and had great fun.
On Friday evening they hung around the Challenger's café and mingled with young scouts from all over Sweden.

On the Saturday they looked at the exhibition and took part in a compitition where among other things Geocaching and counting lampposts on the biggests shopping street in Gothenburg. They took part in a games swopping: writing down the intruction of their favourite games and playing new ones, they took part in a seminar discussing what is scouting. The team won second prize and were awarded lime green stainless steel thermos flasks.

In the evening there was a great banquet with an Italian buffet. All the delegates and exhibitors were there. The banquet finished with the scout band Simply (Scouting) playing and everyone dancing.

This morning they had a look at the democratic negotiations, took a while on the town and then caught the train back.

The group also promoted next year's meeting in Falkenberg, which have grown from a meeting for the Scout Association with 300-500 participants to a new Scout Forum with an expected 800 from all the Swedish associations!

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