Outdoor Cooking Challange

How many 15 to 17-year-olds cook comfortably at home? How many 15 to17-year-olds cook confidently with out a cookery book? It was time for the Outdoor Food Challenge.

It gets very dark very quickly at this latitude at this time of year. At five PM it was already very dark when the Challengers gathered. After the opening ceremony the Challengers showed eachother the secret ingredience that they brought. There were apples, chocolate, a few variaties of pasta, sweet corn and salty biscuits. And on top of that, there was a whole table with other ingredience to choose from.

The task was to present a three course meal in 60 minutes; to work together to decide the menu, the way of cooking and divide the labour.

After about 10 minutes of negotiating, weighing the pros and cons of each way of cooking, and then finally deciding on using the Trangias. The other options were murrikka, the Laplandian, three-legged fryingpan, and a reflector oven.

The scouts worked focused and efficantly, but got slightly stressed as the pasta wasn't completely done when the time was up, and the starter was still to be put on the plates, but they did really well!

The starter was a cordon bleu style dish with a mushroom and a strand of asparagus, fried in garlic butter, served with warmed up fetta.

Chef is laying her last hands on the main course.

We had laid a table with a white (paper) cloth and candles.

The main course was Spaghetti Carbonara with Crème Fraische.

And for dessert: Chocolate dipped apple vedges.

Except for all the washing up, it was a brilliant evening, though Alice was slightly cold. The meeting ran over almost an hour, but nobody minded.

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