Summer adventure

I just filled in my oldest son's application for this comming year's big adventure: Explorer Belt. For three weeks he and one of his scout friends are going to explore Italy. For about 10 days they will walk about a hundred miles in unknown terratory, with a limmited budget, having to rely on their wits and their good manners to get shelter for the night. Then they will travel around the country together with a larger group, mostly by bus or public transport. Neither of them know any Italian. Yet. But perhaps this will be an incentive and motivation to start learning a language again.

Both of them are studying at 6th form, both specializing in Drama. They're one year apart, Victor being the older of the two, but Ida the one who has the most experience. She went to Island to a scout experience on her own initiative when she was 15, not knowing any one in the group. Last summer she took part in a three week hike, in part on a raft on a big river. I'm happy that they've chosen to team up, knowing that Victor will be in good hands.

Now the most important part of the project will start: The financing! The experience cost quite a bit, and us parents agree that they will have to get some of the money together by working. But they are both inventive, industrious and I am sure that they will have great fun getting the funds together.

I'm so greatful that my children are a part of a movement, that enables people of all ages to grow and experience adventure in this way! I wish that everyone really knew what possibilities lie in scouting and were able to participate!

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