In Santa's kitchen

The Challengers have been promised their own stall on the first of Advent market in town. The group has been there for ... as long as can be remembered, selling tombola tickets, sweets and hot dogs for the group. The Challengers are going to sell x-mas cakes and biscuits and all the money will go the the Challengers's own account, to finance among other things the Great Bath Tub Race in April.

So, at 11 on the Saturday everyone got together with ingredience donated by helpful parents and grandparents, to practice their baking skills under the supervision of Christian and myself. Hard toffee, butter fudge, sweet Lucia buns, swiss rolls.... The scouts worked extremely hard.

Oops! Not everything went according to plan.

I left them at seven in the evening. After that they were going to wrap everything nicely and decide on the prizing. And then play the X-box and watch a couple of films, the standard Challenger sleepover activities :-)
Not the common uniform, but very stylish!

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