Peace Light

The Peace Light reached Sweden on November 25th, but noone from the group was able to meet it, but today we had a special delivery: Gjermund, the treasurer from Varberg, drove down with the flame and I met him in an unceremonial parking lot.

It is always breathtaking recieving the Peace Light. This little flickering flame, that is said to have been kept alive for thousands of years in the Birth Church in Bethlehem, that has travelled time and time around the world in the caring, careful hands of scouts and others.

I'm not a religious person, and the Peace Light is not formost a religious symbol, but a wish for peace among all men - like you can accidentally blow out a flame by treating it carelessly, friendship can die; like you accidentally can loose controle of the flame and it will destroy all in its way, your actions and opinions can have disasterous effects on the world and the people around you. Therefor, I enjoy sheltering the flame, caring for it and sharing it with all around me who are ready to care for it too.

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