Centinary emblem

Marcus Agbrant, the new DC as it happens, has just finished the design for the Centinary emblem. It will be printed on our stationary and made into badges, and hopefully other collectable items too.

Our chairman finished his latest e-mail with "... Falkenberg Scout group, something I'm very proud of being a part of." So am I.

Ps. Nick, I'll send you one when they're done


Nick Wood said...

Ooo that's good!
Is the bird a local emblem? When is your official birthday (so many questions!)?
Please pass on congratulations to your Group from one who will be 102 in 2010!

Thanks for thinking of sending me a badge!

LoveCat said...

Yep, in Medieval times it's said that the place was used for Falcon training. And there was a big brewery called Falcon until Carlsberg bought it.