St Lucia celebrations

Last year I had a surprise visit from the Rover scouts. This year I had offered to drive the Challengers, but as it turned out my services weren't needed. Exept for some motherly support, as my oldest son had been chosen to act as the focus festivities: St Lucia. This isn't at all strange accually, if you know anything about the origins of the festivities: Before religious groups introduced the Light Maiden into the earlier heathen traditions (that were rather wild and boisterous) the first Catholic convent schools used to dress one of the school boys up as an angel at the end of the autumn term choir concert. When I arrived at the scout hut there was a flurry of activity: The Christmas tree was finishing his costume in one corner, Rudolf was improvising on his guitar, the Pressie was decorating her costume. I got the full report today at the meeting (Challengers challenge silly things like end of term). After a couple of visits in the cold winter's night they had stopped for a pizza break. Unfortunately, the thermos flask with the non-alcoholic sweet mulled wine had leaked all over the Christmas tree, who got rather sticky, so a slight remediation was needed before the group got back into the two cars and continued their tour around the town and the houses of the group's leaders. At one house the inhabitants were very slow waking up, or perhaps the singing wasn't loud enough, but the neighbours apparently were woken up and curiously watched from their window. At 2 am they came past our house, still looking fresh. The dog found them very interesting, but returned inside after having had a quick sniff. We got to enjoy four more or less traditional carols before they turned to go home and to bed. We enjoyed it enourmously, and I can imagine that they are more tired than me.

Sorry about the poor quality of the clip. Wasn't sure in what format to save it... But I hope you get the picture ;-)

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