More pioneering

I had scheduled a vistit to the older cubs today, our 'Explorer scouts', to hand out the UNICEF waterdrop pins for the cubs to sell. I got into a little bit of a hurry, as I fell asleep after work. So in the end I left the Thai chicken soup and jogged of to the scout hut with the stuff in my backpack.

I got there just in time and participated in the hoisting of the flag. When I had handed out the pins, I left my bag in the hut and jogged round the track in the forest behind the hut. The park is lovely at all times of the year, but I think I like spring best anyway: The smell from the earth and the pine trees, and the pigs that are kept in a massive pen, partly because it's a rare traditional breed, that still is close to extinktion, partly to work the earth over and keep the forest floor nice and open, but I think mostly to entertain all the little kids in town.

I jogged just once around the track and then got back to the hut were the explorers were busy practising pioneering. They were all very active and were discussing knots and plans for their camp sites in May. I somehow wished that I could stay outside in the lovely sunshine with them, but I had to go home to finish the soup and do some more washing.

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