Work Day at Tranabo

This Easter holiday saw fabulous weather all through the break. In the middle of the day the temperature was mildly summery, but it was chilly during the nights. We've entered into a very busy time with the scout group, with lots of goings on, but also school holidays and fewer meetings.

On Saturday a lot of the leaders and Rovers, and some parents got together at Tranabo, our cottage in the forest, for a good tidy and spring cleaning both indoors and outside.

We've had this cottage for more than 40 years, but it is still charmingly primitive. I can remember as a wee lass going to the stinky privies in the middle of the night, and getting water from the pump in the meadow. Now there is running, even hot water, and loos, even though not in the house, but in the "barn", where there are also showers, a sauna, storage facilities and washing room and room for drying wet gear.

All around in the forest are little camp sites for the sixes to use. These were cleared of dried leaves and sticks for the comming group camp. Wood was chopped, grass was burnt, windows were washed and sausages were grilled.

All in all, we got lots done, and had a wonderful day in the sunshine and fresh country air.

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