St George

As we did last year, we celebrated St George in the town square, by meeting up, talking about the Scout Law and the St George message, and acting out the legend of St George and the dragon.

As we also are helping out at the opening of a new shopping complex in town this week, to raise funds for the group, most of the adults were there, but we had a good turn out of kids.

After a few good years, we unfortunately feel that the money is a bit short at the moment. It's the upkeep of our houses that costs most - activities are for the better part funded by the scouts themselves, and also we are lucky to get a generous grant per scout from the local council when we hand in lists of members and our program at the end of the year. Also, there is a gouvernment grant for each six (so the more sixes we have, the better!)

But this last year we had to install a new heating system, fix some of the piping in our cottage and also we've had vandalism in our town hut almost every week for the last few months. It's mainly been broken windows, but we have also had a couple of break-ins where little things have been taken. Unfortunately, insurance doesn't cover this, and all the glass amounts into lots of brass...

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