That's it, all done

The last mobile phone leaflet, the last hot dog, and the last baloon has been handed out. The climbing wall has been transported off, the promotion coats have been handed back and the shops have closed after a few hectic opening days.

Our feet are tired, and our smiles are stuck somewhere by our eyebrows, but I think we enjoyed it, and we made some good money for the group.

A nice surprise was that one of the shops put on their newspaper sized leaflet that got sent out with the local paper to all subscribers and also was handed out (by us) in hundreds during the weekend, that "The scouts offer free hot dogs and climbing wall", which made us look very generous, whilst in reality they payed for all the dogs and buns.

We also had some nice meetings with scouts of old, that came up to chat and share memories and ask questions about scouting now. Our scout master got names and addresses for a couple of contacts that might be very useful for the centinary.

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